Forensic experts to take the stand in Huguely case

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - 6:07 p.m. Tuesday - Angela Rainey, Forensic Scientist - She looks for bodily fluids on evidence and does DNA analysis.  Rainey developed George Huguely's DNA profile using swabs taken from inside his cheek after his arrest.  Rainey also created a DNA profile for Yeardley Love, from blood taken during her autopsy.  Rainey found blood under Yeardley Love's fingernails.. George Huguely "cannot be eliminated" as a DNA match on the blood.

4:37 p.m. Tuesday - Jenny Mauer, Forensic Scientist - She studies fingerprints.

4:28 p.m. Tuesday - James Anthony Brown - He studies trace evidence on things like fingernails.  He said testing on the substance on Love's bedroom wall was inconclusive.  He submitted his report on other trace evidence for the jury, but did not testify abut it, so we won't hear it. 

3:34 p.m. Tuesday - Prosecution recalls Dr. Bill Gormley, assistant medical examiner - Gormley talks about samples of bodily fluid taken during Yeardley Love's autopsy.  Adderall was the only drug found Love's system.  The amount was consistent with the amount a doctor prescribed her.  Her blood alcohol level was .14.  Gormley says the .14 blood alcohol level did not cause her death.  He says she died of blunt force traima to the head causing brain injuries and a cardiac arrhythmia.

12:10 p.m. Tuesday - Dr. Beatrice Lopes, Neuropathologist - Lopez performed a medical test on Love's brain.  Lopes says Love's brain showed no sign of "re-profusion."  Testimony is moving slowly.

11:10 a.m. Tuesday - Cross-examination of Dr. Fuller - The cross-examination focuses on the fact the doctor doesn't know exactly how the brain injuries were caused.

9:30 a.m. Tuesday - Dr. Christine Fuller - Fuller is a neuropathologist from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond.  She's studied several thousand brains in her career.  Jurors looked a a picture of Yeardley Love's brain.  Fuller noticed no bleeding of any kind on the outside of Love's brain.  After cutting Love's brain into sections, Fuller could see several 'lesions' inside of it.  Fuller said one of the lesions was caused by blunt force trauma.  She says contusions happen in the brain when there's blunt force trauma because the brain scrapes against the skull.  Contusions in brain can happen when a person is pushed hard into a wall, Fuller says.   Contusions in brain can happen when a person is pushed hard into a wall, stopping them rapidly. Brain hits skull, Fuller says.  Prosecutor asked if these injuries have ever been associated with CPR.   Fuller says, "No, they have not."

Recap of yesterday

Prosectors presented autopsy photos showing bruises on love's legs, arms, hands and massive bruises on her face.

There was also testimony from the medical examiner who performed the autopsy.

Yeardley Love's mother stayed out of the courtroom for much of the afternoon yesterday and George Huguely kept his head down and avoided looking at the photos.

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