Florida couple writes book defending George Zimmerman

Couple releases book on Zimmerman

The state's attorney's office in Florida is expected to release a new set of documents Wednesday in the case against George Zimmerman. Meantime, friends of Zimmerman have come out with a new book defending "the most hated man in America."

Mark and Sondra Osterman have released the book called "Defending Our Friend: The Most Hated Man in America."  The couple tells the Orlando Sentinel they hid Zimmerman in their home for weeks after he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman claims he shot the teen in self defense.

One detail in the book talks about the struggle between Zimmerman and Martin the night of February 26.  According to the Ostermans' book, it was Zimmerman, not Martin, crying for help before the shooting.  The book also claims that Martin was suffocating Zimmerman before the teen was shot.

Mark Osterman tells the Sentinel that he and his wife stand behind Zimmerman's innocence.  He says they wrote the book in hopes that it will "calm the public's desire for revenge against George."
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