Facebook quietly puts up new app, takes it down hours later

Facebook stalker app?

Facebook news feeds are filling up with talks that the social network may be considering a new app that would allow you to see if your friends are nearby.  It's being dubbed "the stalker app."

Facebook quietly unveiled the app on Monday, called "Friendshake," and hours later it was taken down.  A spokesperson with Facebook told the website "The Wrap" that the new app was just an engineer's test, not a product launch.

In the short time it was available, bloggers and those who noticed the app quickly tore it apart, calling it a "stalker app" and saying it gives too much information to strangers.

This comes on the heels of Facebook changing all of its users' default email to their @facebook.com address on their profiles.  The changes were first pointed out by bloggers over the weekend and publicized by media outlets Monday, leading to gripes from users, usually on their Facebook pages.

 The company said in a statement in April that it was "updating addresses on Facebook to make them consistent across our site."  You can change the email to whatever you want by editing your contact information.

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