Elevator prank video: Brazilian Programa Silcio Santos Ghost in the Elevator is scariest prank ever?

A new elevator prank by a Brazilian hidden-camera show is being called the "scariest elevator prank ever."

Video of the prank, which has gone viral on YouTube, was created by the show "Programa Silcio Santos."

In the prank, unsuspecting people board the elevator to be greeted by flickering lights and then pure darkness. While the lights are out, a little girl -- decked out in terrifying makeup and holding a doll -- enters from a hidden shaft.

When the lights return, the girl just stands there, staring at the prank's victim. But right before the lights go off again, the little girl lets out a scream, sending many of the elevator passengers into fits of fear.

Watch the video, called Ghost in the Elevator, below. Would you freak out?

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