Did fireworks belong to Boston bombing suspects

Suspects' parents coming to United States

BOSTON - Agents found a stash of fireworks in a used-clothing donation bin, not far from the shootout involving the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

FBI agents are now examining the explosives for any possible links.

We've also learned the suspects parents are flying to the U.S. today. The father says he want to take Tamerlan's body back to Russia.

U.S. intelligence agencies say after a Russian tip in 2011, Tamerlan was added to a terrorist watch list, but officials say the system had insufficient information to raise alarms.

Meanwhile investigators say Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has admitted to the FBI he was involved in the attacks. This was before he was read his Mir0anda Rights.

It's unclear at this point if those statements will be admissible in a criminal trial and whether prosecutors even need them to win a conviction.

The Associated Press is reporting Dzhokhar told authorities his older brother only recently recruited him to be part of the attack.

Also, a Massachusetts official says Tamerlan, his wife, and their daughter received welfare benefits until last year.

Dzhokhar, who faces the death penalty, will have an all-star legal defense team. His top lawyer also represented shoe bomber Richard Reid in 2001.

Report from ABCNews