Despite skepticism from their priest, a couple stays married for 70 years

Couple celebrates 70th anniversary

Most couples count their blessings if they survive their first year of marriage, and each year after that is a bonus.  For Billie and Gene Trageser, they have been by each other's side for 70 years and are still going strong.

The Kansas couple says they first laid eyes on each other at a dance, according to TV station KCTV.  Billie says as soon as she saw Gene she immediately fell in love.  They wanted to get married, but not everyone was supportive of their decision.

"The priest wouldn't approve," said Bille Trageser.  "Maybe it was the wrong clothes, I don't know, but he said it wouldn't last."

How wrong he was.  10 children and 110 grandchildren later, the Trasgesers are happier than ever and still love each other like the day they met.


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