Deputy slapped in the face; woman says she did it to stop smoking

Woman slaps cop to quit smoking

There are many ways to go about quitting smoking: cold turkey, nicotine patches, nicotine gum.  But one woman took it to the extreme when she slapped an officer to quit the habit.

Deputy Matt Campoy tells KOVR in Sacramento it started when he walked outside the county jail.  He says a woman stood in his way, then slapped him in the face.

Officers immediately arrested Etta Lopez and found out later, that was part of her plan.

"She told us that she needed to quit smoking," Campoy told KOVR.

They say Lopez admitted she sat in front of the jail for hours, waiting for an officer to come out so she could hit one and get arrested.  She told them she wanted to be put in jail to help her quit smoking.

Lopez was thrown in jail, but anti-smoking experts say there are much better, legal ways to go about quitting.


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