Company sees surge in demand for bulletproof backpacks for kids

Demand up for bulletproof backpacks

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah - Parents are taking every precaution they can when sending their children to school in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school.  One company has seen a surge in demand for their specialty product -- bulletproof backpacks.

"Amendment Two", based out of Utah, makes most of its money by selling bulletproof vests to police officers and soldiers.  It usually sold just a handful of its children's body armor at gun shows in the past, until the tragic event at a school in Newtown, Connecticut.

"The concept came up as things happened at schools; children need protection as well," said Rich Brand, COO of "Amendment Two."

The backpacks are made with a light material that can stop handgun rounds.  Demand for them has increased so dramatically over the past few days, the website has crashed several times.  Brand tells KSTU it shows that parents are looking for anyway, however unconventional, to keep their kids safe.

The cost of a backpack starts at $300.

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