Company looking into programs to allow children under 13 use the site

Technology to monitor children

More changes could be coming to Facebook, this time affecting people who technically aren't even allowed to use it.  The social networking company is in the process of developing technology to allow children under the age of 13 to use the site with parental supervision.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook is testing programs that would connect children's accounts to their parents' and would allow parents to control their profiles.  Parents would be able to control who their child "friends" and what applications they can use.

Children under 13 are currently banned from using the website, but many will lie about their age to get accounts.  According to the Wall Street Journal, this puts Facebook in an awkward position.  It must comply with a federal law that requires sites to obtain parental consent before collecting personal data from children, which is hard to do if the kids are lying.

And while the company is in the process of developing the technology, it's not clear if it will actually introduce the service to its young users.

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