Clays Against Breast Cancer a blast

BALTIMORE, Md. - "Pull!"

Monica Powell has been shooting  competitively for 8 years.....and she's good.  The Loch Raven Skeet and Trap Center is just one of her regular spots.

"At least a couple of times a month when I'm not competing it will be more."

While teaching me a thing or two about trap shooting....Powell admitted she'd like to see more women at the range.

"When you break that target it smashes and its wonderful feeling."

She's hoping women and their families will join the center this weekend taking aim at breast cancer.

"I've been impacted by it.  Many friends.  One of my personal friends died early in life, of course it touches everybody."

"Imagine each one of those targets is a demonic cancer cell and blow it up."

Jason Wennet says since breast cancer has touched so many of us....the goal of the second annual Clays Against Breast Cancer fundraiser is to top the 10-thousand dollars they raised last year.

"Our goal this year is for 15-thousand.  It's ambitious but we're aggressively pushing for it."

I didn't take long to see why Powell is so good at shooting.  She takes her sport seriously.  I on the other hand got lucky, hitting one target after close to a half dozen tries.

Powell is hopeful others will try their hand this weekend in hopes of giving others a shot.

"We just have to keep going with it.  We have to keep fighting it, and raising money for breast cancer, it’s the only way to do it."

I'm Kelly Swoope for ABC2 News.


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