Rehoboth Beach, Delaware bracing for Sandy storm surge

In a couple hours the storm surge is expected to hit Rehoboth Beach, sooner than first expected.

Although it's been raining since Saturday and sand dunes were breached by the high tide, there have been no reports of flooding.

Dewey Beach and Betheny Beach along with Fenwick Island to the south, and even Cape May, NJ and Lewes, DE, have not fared as well with much of Coastal Highway shut down due to flooded streets in those areas.

In fact, Delaware has implemented Phase 2 of their driving ban which means only emergency vehicles are permitted on the streets. So even if you could get here you wouldn't be able to drive any further south than Rehoboth.

If you happen to have a vacation home in the area it's also too late to attempt to secure your property.   Officials are asking that you wait a day or two before venturing to Rehoboth to inspect your home.

This will allow time for utility workers to restore power. You are also asked to bring a form of identification, such as a utility bill in your name in order for you be given access to your property.

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