Candidate Mike Calpino

First Congressional District candidate, Calpino

BALTIMORE - Name: Michael Calpino

Party: Unaffiliated

Location: Salisbury


Please introduce yourself:  I am an author (Leave Me Alone; A Patriot's Plan to Restore Pride and Prosperity in America), a boatbuilder, homeschool dad to three children, husband to my wife of 21 years, and an active TEA party participant.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

First, I meet the constitutional requirements of age and citizenship. I have been educated through the master's level but most importantly, I live in the real world, not the bubble politicians live in. I see the destructive effects of Washington's policies every day, I live it just as you do. I want to bring that perspective to Washington.  Most importantly, however, I believe that the only job of a public official is to protect the liberty of his or her constituents.  I will defend liberty and the vision our founders had for this country at all times.  I have detailed how to restore our lost liberty in "Leave Me Alone; A Patriot's Plan to Restore Pride and Prosperity in America"


Which answer best matches your view?

Same-sex marriage

Should same-sex couples be able to get married in Maryland?




Summarize your view on the issue

Marriage is, by definition, between a man and a woman.  Healthy societies throughout history have been based on this basic family unit.  Two people of any persuasion can contract together however they choose but it is not marriage and society is weakened by this assault on its fundamental institution.


Illegal immigration/In-state tuition DREAM Act

Should Maryland offer in-state tuition for college to undocumented immigrants?


No X

I'm not sure/Neither

Summarize your view on the issue

These are not undocumented immigrants, they are criminal aliens.  They should not be given any benefits whatsoever and they certainly should not be placed ahead or given slots in our educational institutions that should go to law-abiding citizens.  Illegal immigration is destroying this country, financially and culturally.  We should call it what it is, an invasion, and we need to deal with it as such.  No more welfare, no more anchor babies, no more freebees, no Spanish only education, no more taking jobs from law abiding Americans of any race or culture.  Build the wall and get a handle on immigration so the culture can absorb and acclimate new immigrants as we did in the past.


Should Maryland allow another casino to be built in Prince George's County?



I'm not sure/NeitherX

Summarize your views on the issue

While I think gambling is a vice, I do not believe the state should have any role in deciding which businesses are acceptable and which are not so long as they are not violating the rights of individual Americans.


What is the best option for healthcare in America?

President Obama's Health Care Act is a great start towards fixing healthcare in America.

We should repeal President Obama's Health Care Act and start over.

All healthcare should be privatized.X

Neither/Other/I'm not sure

Summarize your view on the issue

The idea that the government can (A) steal from one citizen to give to another for any reason, including health care and (B) that government should have any say in what I do with my body and how I treat it is immoral. Government's role in health care has been a disaster, has resulted in skyrocketing costs, limited availability and Obamacare will make it immeasurably worse



How can we improve the economy in Maryland?

We should simplify the tax code, and lower tax rates so that investors can put money back into the economy.

We should lower taxes on the middle and lower classes and raise them on the wealthy.

Other/I'm not sureX

Summarize your view on the issue

We must understand that government cannot improve the economy, it cannot create jobs, it cannot generate wealth.  Only individuals pursuing their own dreams and creating products and services that benefit their fellow man can do that.  Government can hinder that and our state government, through high taxes and excessive regulation, has done a lot of hindering.  Only by drastically reducing government and its role in our lives at all levels will the great wealth producing engine that is the American people be unleashed once again.


What should we do with Afghanistan? 

We need to keep working there until it is a true democracy.

We need to get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible.

Other/I'm not sure X

Summarize your view on the issue

Afghanistan, as a front in the greater Islamic war we refuse to recognize, needs to be part of a larger strategy.  We should not be in Afghanistan, we should pull

our embassies out of most Islamic cultures and isolate them from the rest of the world.  We should give them nothing, we should become independent of their resources, we should allow no immigration until such a time as Islam recognizes persuasion should never come at the point of a gun.  It is time to take the gloves off and recognize that we are in a war and demonstrate to the Muslim world we will not submit to their terror but visit justice upon those who do us harm.


What are your views on abortion?

It is a woman's right to choose. The government shouldn't be involved.

Abortion should only be allowed in extreme cases like rape, or to protect the health of the mother.

Abortion is never OK. X

Other/I'm not sure

Summarize your views on the issue

Abortion should only be considered when the life of the mother is at stake.  The child in the womb is an innocent life regardless of how it got there.  It is wrong to kill that child for convenience, sex-determination or even due to emotional distress as a result of a crime.  It is difficult, perhaps seemingly impossible, but if we do not consider the protection of the innocent and helpless among us as having the highest priority, especially when it is difficult, we eventually become people who value no life at all.


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