Bus driver talks about catching girl falling out of a 3-story window

Brooklyn man hailed a hero

BROOKLYN, N.Y. - A New York City bus driver is speaking about his heroic save when he caught a girl falling out of an apartment building three stories above the ground.

Steve St. Bernard was walking home from work Monday afternoon when he heard children screaming.  He saw the 7-year-old girl standing on an air conditioning unit.  He says she stood there for about seven minutes, and he know it wouldn't end well.

"I asked God, I said, 'Please God let me catch her please, don't let me miss," he said.

While the girl was teetering on the A/C unit, Deborah Reed, a bystander, ran into the apartment building to alert the girl's mother.

"I asked her if she had a daughter, she said yes," said Reed.  "And that's when I let her know her daughter was playing on the air conditioner outside the window."

But the mother couldn't reach her daughter in time.  The girl fell, and right into St. Bernard's outstretched hands.

"I felt like a ton of bricks, like a whole bag of rocks dropped on me.  We went down together. She touched the floor but the impact wasn't on her. I guess I absorbed the blow," he said.

Both were taken the hospital for treatment.  St. Bernard suffered a broken arm, the little girl is okay.  Childproof bars now cover the window.  And the neighborhood is calling St. Bernard a hero.

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