Bear gets trapped in garage

Imagine walking into your garage, and finding a baby bear!  What would your first instinct be?  Would you change your mind if you saw mama bear as well?

Judy Coover ran into that exact situation recently.  At first she wanted to help the bear, but then when mama started opening the garage on her own, Judy ran for the camera and started filming.

"Baby bear is like crying and he's up on the track of the garage over here and I'm like ‘oh no, this isn't good, how am I going to get him down from there?'" she said.  "So I started videotaping, and all of a sudden the door starts coming up.  Like a foot, and then it would drop back down.  Then it would come back up and drop back down.  And I thought, ‘ah, that's how the baby got in,' because mama was probably trying to lift that door to come into the garage because of the garbage.  And he probably ran right in and it slammed shut on him."

Judy posted video of the rescue to Youtube and it became and instant sensation.

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