Baltimore police to buy 300 new computers, modernize equipment

BALTIMORE - The Baltimore Police Department announced plans to buy 300 new computers for its nine districts in an effort to modernize equipment, some of which is more than 20 years old.

Over the next several months, new computers will first replace old machines in the districts, most of which do not have the capability to run modern programs used in law enforcement.

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Police said the investment in technology will produce faster intelligence sharing, better data analysis, and a more efficient police department to fight crime in Baltimore.

Modernizing the department’s equipment and technology has been a priority for Baltimore police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

“Some of the technology used by this organization is what I started using when I became a police office 30 years ago. It is unacceptable,” said Batts in a statement. “We have a generation of officers used to high-end technology and they know how to use it effectively. We are going to provide them what they need so we can all work to reduce violent crime,” Batts said. 

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