Baltimore native Matthew VanDyke produces film about Syrian revolution

Watch | 'Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution'

His film begins with a tilting upward shot of a woman wearing black and pink Adidas sneakers. We find out quickly that she used to wear dresses, but "not anymore," not since her country has been torn apart by war. 

Baltimore native Matthew VanDyke, best known for fighting alongside Libyan rebels, put down the rifle and again picked up the camera -- this time to chronicle the strife of Syrian rebels fighting against the country's leader Bashar Al-Assad. 

It is VanDyke's goal to make you care about Syria and he does so by following a 24-year-old Syrian journalist as she takes us through the ravaged city streets, in rebel hideouts and inside apartments with walls brought down from bombs. 

VanDyke stopped by the ABC2 studio Wednesday to discuss his documentary.

"If you were in the position of the subjects in the film and the government started killing you and your neighbors and your family, what would you do? If you would stand up and defend your country defend democracy and fight for you children and yourselves and your neighbors – if you feel that way, then you have a lot in common with the Syrian rebels and you should support them," VanDyke said. 

WATCH | Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution  ( Warning: The documentary contains scenes of violence in an active war zone.) 

"It's important to let people see what's going on," Nour, the film's protagonist, says to VanDyke. "I think nobody knew Syria even on the map before this revolution"

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