Kiddie Couture causing controversy

A new trend in clothing that's over the top

There's a growing controversy about a new fashion trend called "kiddie couture."

Parents are spending thousands of dollars outfitting their children in Designer clothing.

In November, a new "kid" joined the top fashion block. Gucci kids a first-of-its kind children's boutique sporting high end items. It is all targeted for fashionistas ages 12 and under.

Last year, sales of children's clothing exceeded $32 billion, and $800 million of that was spent on designer labels.

Child psychologists worry that the increasingly aggressive marketing of womanly fashions to little girls is damaging on a number of levels.

We're really robbing them of childhood and trying to encourage them to grow up into sophisticated women when they're five years old.  It sends a message that you are only as cool, as good, as appealing as the price tag of your clothing.

Some moms say the high-end collections make it harder than ever to teach girls the *right* values -- that beauty is not determined by a fancy label or a pricey garment.

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