2 former Beiber fans are suing the singer over a tweet

He's got 19 million Twitter followers, and legions of adoring fans around the world.

But two people in Texas are definitely not big on Justin Bieber right now.

They're threatening legal action against the pop superstar because of a phone prank gone wild.

Earlier this month, Bieber Tweeted out a phone number with the final digit missing urging his followers to give him a call.

The tweet was deleted a little while later, but not before scads of teenaged girls grabbed their phones and started dialing.

A man and a woman in Texas say their phones have been ringing off the hook ever since.

Their lawyer tells TMZ.com that her clients get more than one-thousand phone calls a day at all hours.

And they want Bieber to pay up for the hassle.

The legal team suggests the singer make up for his prank with an apology, along with concert tickets for the woman's grandchildren, an endorsement for the man's upcoming online project and some cold hard cash.

So far, there's no word that Bieber has responded to the requests.

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