Financial Fitness Zone

In the Financial Fitness Zone, keep your wallet fat

A fat wallet comes from being smart with money, and staying in the Financial Fitness Zone will keep you on the journey to having a healthy relationship with dollars.

A whopping 76 percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, according to a recent CNNMoney report. That’s less than one in four who could cover a half-a-year’s worth of expenses.

Studies show a high amount of debt may ruin new marriages. Do you know your partner’s credit score, and are you prepared to marry it? We’ll help you make a decision. (Disclaimer: We don’t want the credit should anything be called off.)

In the Zone, you may discover ways to avoid being part of that statistic, and to tone your portfolio. You’ll be given the latest information from the finance world and get tips on things such as saving to cover for emergencies, keeping your own credit score in shape and watching the latest Wall Street moves.

For those planning to move because of a new job, we’ll analyze whether it’s better to rent or own your new home. Retiring soon? Find ways to make those dollars last through the years.

Just getting started in finding ways to save and invest? We have you covered.

The Financial Fitness Zone is maintained by writers dedicated to watching the latest money matters and providing navigation tools for your workout.

Are you ready to get financially fit? We hope so.

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