Will trio dance trip up Jacoby Jones?

BALTIMORE - It was another night of fierce competition on the dance floor. In addition to the usual dance, the stars also performed a trio dance. Pros that aren't competing anymore this season each danced with couple. There was also 1 troupe member added to the mix.

Zendaya danced a foxtrot and it was really enjoyable to watch. Bruno called it "pure" and I couldn't agree more. It was a delight. She scored a 28. Her trio dance was a Salsa and they added Gleb to the mix. It was a Salsa based in hip hop... with high-tops instead of heels.  Don't they take a point off for that or something? Improper wardrobe? Argh. 30 for her trio which brought her to 58 overall.

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Sean danced a Tango and it was my favorite dance of his this season. It looked great. The judges didn't seem to think so. I guess his technique wasn't quite there. He got a 21. And then there was the trio dance. It could have been, it should have been, a stellar Jive, he just couldn't keep up. Peta and Sharna ran circles around him. I wish I could see that routine again with a pro in Sean's spot. It had such potential. I think the judges were generous giving him a 21, making his final score of the night a 42.

I don't think the Viennese Waltz is supposed to be hot, but when Jacoby and Karina dance it, it is. I loved it! After the judges comments, I was sure he was getting at least one 10. Three 9's. Boo! For the trio dance, Karina and Cheryl brought Jacoby to life during his Paso. He crushed it and would have definitely gotten a 10 from me. But no, a 25 from the judges, with well-deserved boos from the crowd. Jacoby finished with a total of 52.

Ingo danced a Foxtrot and it was okay, but it wasn't great. At this point in the competition, it was a little too average. The judges agreed, kind of. 24 for Ingo. His trio dance was a Jive with Kym and Lindsay. It was fun, but it wasn't polished. He got another 24 for a total of 48.

Kellie danced a Viennese Waltz and it was beautiful. She has such grace. She got a 28 including a "10 from Len". I knew that Kellie's trio-Paso with Derek and Tristan was going to crush just by hearing the music., it was awesome. I knew Derek was going to choreograph something great and he did. It was a really powerful performance. Not for Len, though. He said it was lacking a whole lotta Paso. He gave them a 7 and the other judges gave 10's. 55 for the night for Kellie.

Aly danced an Argentine Tango and was really great. I had no idea she was 18, she carries herself with a lot of maturity. She was worried about her dance, but she nailed it and got a 29 from the judges. She did a trio-Jive with Mark and Henry, from the DWTS troupe. I was expecting more. I thought it would be bigger and more fun. It was fine, I guess just a little more serious than I would have liked. She scored a 27 which brought her total score to 56.

I have no qualms about who needs to get the boot this week. Sean. Has got. To go. It is time. He can't keep up anymore. Sean, once again, say your goodbyes.  There are no roses for you here!

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