What is "The List?"

BALTIMORE - What is "The List?"

On Monday, September 17, ABC2 will start airing The List .

Each day The List will feature local and national stories on the topics that matter to you.  It will focus on current topics, trends, consumer news, ways to save money, and more.

Meet your hosts

Jan Jeffcoat

Emmy-award-winning co-host Jan Jeffcoat spent five years anchoring Good Day Chicago and FOX Chicago News at Noon before joining The List.

"What I love is that you get a little taste of the entire country with this show," said Jeffcoat. "Everybody brings a little something different to the mix."

Conor Knighton

Conor Knighton is the co-host and consumer reporter for The List. Knighton has appeared on CNN, HLN, MTV, and TV Guide. Knighton was also part of the original creative team behind the launch of the cable network Current TV.

Matt Gallant

The List co-host Matt Gallant is best known as the host of Animal Planet's The Planet's Funniest Animals and American Inventor. Gallant brings his engaging personality, energy and timing to The List team.

Teresa Strasser

Co-host Teresa Strasser has also worked on While You Were Out, Win Ben Stein's Money and on the Adam Carolla Show.

On the subject of lists, says Strasser, "You are either angry that the thing you love isn't on the list or you're validated because your thing is on the list. Either way, it's always something to talk about."

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