Cleveland artist creates Etch A Sketch of the royal couple

William and Kate etched in time

CLEVELAND - George Vlosich III is perhaps the world's best-known Etch A Sketch artist. He uses the child's toy to create incredible works of art.

Vlosich's art has gained him fame throughout the years. He has appeared on dozens of shows, including Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He has also met a long list of celebrities such as Cal Ripken Jr., Garth Brooks, LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Will Smith.

Vlosich is now focusing on pop culture with his pieces. With all the buzz surrounding the royal wedding, he decided to pay tribute to Prince William and Kate Middleton with a special Etch A Sketch.

He began by drawing a portrait of the royal couple. Once he felt comfortable on paper, he picked up an Etch A Sketch. It took more than 80 hours to complete.

Working with an Etch A Sketch is a tedious process from start to finish. Once the project is done, the sand must be carefully removed from the back of the Etch A Sketch to perserve the image.

Vlosich's hard work is paying off. There is already lots of buzz surrounding his royal Etch A Sketch. In fact, Vlosich has been contacted by several publications and radio stations in London, including the "UK Daily Mail."

Vlosich said he would love to someday have the opportunity to present his Etch A Sketch to Prince William and Kate. He hopes the Royal Family is aware of his piece.

If you would like to learn more about George Vlosich III and his incredible talent check out . Vlosich is already working on new projects. These include a tribute to Muhammad Ali and a sketch of the Beatles.

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