Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars competition gets fierce

Dancing With the Stars recap

BALTIMORE - Week 2's competition of "DWTS: All-Stars" was fierce! Let's get right to it!

Melissa Rycroft kicked off the night with a fast-paced, high-energy Jive. I feel like the only person in America who didn't get knocked off her feet by it.

Carrie Ann complimented Tony on the choreography, but the choreography was what this dance was lacking. It was definitely fun, but it didn't make me get up out of my seat. She got a 24 from the judges.

It is a pleasure to watch Bristol Palin these days because she actually looks like she's having fun out there. Watching her used to be just awkward. She danced a Quick Step that wasn't anything to write home about, but was fun to watch. The judges kind of slammed her because she and Mark broke hold when they weren't supposed to and she messed some things up. They ended up giving her a 18, which I think would have been a 21 if she had maintained hold through the routine.

Confessions of a DWTS blogger

I'm just gonna say it... I have a secret hatred for Helio Castroneves because when he competed on DWTS the first time, he beat out Mel B. in the finals. Mel B. was robbed. She was my favorite competitor of all-DWTS-time.

Having put that out there, he was awfully charming during his Jive. He almost turned me around. Not quite though. My allegiance to Mel B. is strong.

Either way, he is a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor and his Jive proved it. He was made for the jive with his happy face and quick feet. The judges gave Helio a 23.

I enjoy Apolo Anton Ohno.  I find him to be an excellent dancer. However, if I have to hear him say, one more time, that he's an 8-time-Olympic-gold-medal-winner, I might vomit. Despite the multiple mentions of being an 8-time-Olympic-gold-medal-winner, he rocked the Quick Step. I was just about to yawn and then his and Karina's legs took off! They kicked into high gear real quick and chalked up a 24.5. 

Prediction: Sabrina Bryan to be the winner?

If this competition ended tonight, Sabrina Bryan would win it hands down. Hands down. I don't know that I've ever seen a Quick Step like what she brought to the floor. Louis gets an A++ for choreography. She wowed the judges and they wowed her right back with a 26 (including a 9 from Carrie Ann), the top score of the night.

Before I get into Kirstie Alley's Jive, I'd like to discuss her "costume." She looked like Jo Anne Worley. I don't know who's idea it was to rock the short black wig, but she was kickin' it all the back to 1969.

Her jive did very little for me. The judges were saying that she did great and that her maturity totally compares to the youth of her competitors. Not really.

She could hardly keep up with Maks, let alone her younger counterparts, and I'm a fan of Kirstie's. Step it up, girlie.  (I missed her score, but she did better than Bristol who ended up at the bottom of the barrel.)

Judges not big fans of Emmitt Smith's dance

I love Emmitt Smith! He really could simply head out onto the dance floor and smile and I've give him a 10. The judges were not big fans of his jive and I will admit, it was a little lacking, but he's just so darn charming out there! He got a 22.5, so at least he's not in last place.

Drew Lachey danced a Jive and wanted to "bring it" to make up for his "bottom 2" ranking from last week. I'd like to point out that he is freakishly strong. He did something at the beginning of the dance that I can hardly put into words. Let's just say that he looked like a flag on a flagpole. It was nuts. His jive was power-packed, flat-out great. The judges gave him a 22.5.

Joey Fatone had probably the most entertaining Quick Step. He danced to the Richard Cheese version of "Creep" by Radiohead, was dressed like Charlie Chaplin and finished the performance with a totally believable prat fall. He sold it. The judges railed on his technique, but praised his presence. He did pretty well with them, though, scoring a 22.5.

Len said Shawn Johnson had "just enough" of everything in her Jive. Bull. She had above and beyond everything. It's like Len has it out for her with that comment and low score last week. Thank goodness the other 2 judges have some sense. Shawn knocked my socks off. Her jive was killer. She got a 25

Kelly Monaco danced a wonderful Quick Step. It was actually delightful to watch, and I don't ever use the word "delightful". She's so one of my favorites. She got a 22.5.

Gilles Marini's Jive was fantastic. Dude is injured and in it to win it. He and Peta were really a sight.  He got a 25.5, a half point from the top. 

Pam Anderson got the boot last week. Bristol or Kirstie should really get the boot this week. I just hope it isn't Drew. He deserves better than the bottom 2. We'll see where America wants to go with this one.




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