Tricks to get old Facebook options back

Want the old Facebook back?

BALTIMORE - Want your old Facebook back?  It isn't exactly coming back, but here are several add-ons and extensions compiled by Mashable you can install and use to get some of its features back.


Add-ons for Firefox


Facebook Ticker Removal

Facebook Ticker Removal , a FireFox add-on, removes the Facebook ticker from the page.

Clean up Facebook Homepage

F.B. Purity by steev  helps you hide application spam and other clutter from your homepage.  It will also let you increase the font size.    

View only your online friends in Facebook chat  


Tidy Facebook Chat from Nicolas hides your offline friends. Is anyone ever really offline now, though?


Chrome add-ons


Kill Facebook Questions on Chrome

Hate answering questions about what you ate for lunch?  This Google Chrome add-on from Aaron Godin will block the questions from showing up on your Facebook feed.

Look at photos the old way

The Revert FB Photo Viewer by Steve Gilberstson allows you switch off the new theater mode photo viewer.

The facebook Photo Theater Killer by Dave Harvey also lets you remove the photo theater and loads the old photo viewer in Chrome and Firefox.

Get back old Facebook Chat

Get Back Old Facebook Chat and Tick from fixingfacebook lets you disable the new Chat Sidebar.

Get comment button back

Matthew A. Kruse's Facebook Comment Fixer brings back the comment button and removes the feature that makes hitting the "ENTER" key submit your comment.

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