Top 10 female contestants perform on American Idol

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The youngest of the girls could be going home on "American Idol" this week. All the Top 10 ladies performed last night. But 17-year-old Adriana Latonio got most of the critical comments from the judges' table.

Randy Jackson says her version of Destiny's Child's "Stand Up for Love" was "boring." Nicki Minaj told her to practice and come back next year, which drew boos from the crowd. But Minaj liked the way Tenna Torres looks and sounds. Minaj complimented Tenna's low-cut dress, saying she likes Tenna's "boobs."

Country standouts Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur also drew raves from the judges table. The Idol judges usually don't stand for any Whitney Houston wannabes. But they gave a standing ovation to Amber Holcomb, who covered Whitney's "I Believe in You and Me." Tonight, the Top 10 guys are up.

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