Tips to avoid the awkward 'Friend Zone'

If you've ever been confused about your status on a date, you're not alone.  
"I live in the friend zone," one woman said.
A recent online survey found 70 percent of us are at least somewhat confused about what's considered a date, so we turned to matchmaker and dating coach Joann Cohen to help clear things up.  She says texting these days only adds to the confusion.
"You are missing out on body language, vocal tone, everything like that, which is the main part of communication," Cohen said.
But she offered these tips to tell if you're on a date.
Does he [or she] ask a lot of questions about you?
"Does he want to know about you and your interests, your family?" Cohen said.
Look for post-hang out texts.
"He [or she] texts you saying how great a good time he had.  Did you get home safely?" Cohen said.
How relaxed is the other person?
"If he [or she] is a little bit nervous, that's a good sign, so the ladies should be looking for that," Cohen said.
Be upfront with each other before you go out.
"If you wanted to be out on a date with him or her, say that and if you just want to hang out an  d be friends, be clear about that too," Cohen said. 

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