Nicki Minaj: Nice Work, if you can work it


Nicki Minaj says when she took the job as a judge on "American Idol," she didn't realize how much of, well, a JOB it would be.
She says things are "going good" so far.
But Minaj says she didn't expect she'd be putting in some "very long days."
She says sometimes she's needed on set for eight hours to judge artists -- and that clashes with her style.
Minaj says she's "used to be being able to handle my business at any time" -- and she doesn't have time to grab her Blackberry to keep up with things.
But on the whole, she says she loves the Idol experience -- to a point.
When asked by The Associated Press how she and fellow judge Mariah Carey were getting along, the phone line went dead and a publicist asked the interviewer to move on to another question.