Kim Kardashian's advice to Dina Eastwood: Seize the day

By Breeanna Hare, CNN - When one needs advice on how to win at reality TV, who better to ask than Kim Kardashian?

Sure, her televised marriage fell apart, and there are plenty of people who'd love to see her and her family yanked off the air, but on the upside, her show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" saw a 16 percent bump in viewers when its seventh season premiered earlier this month.

So when Kim K. had a few words of reality wisdom to share with E! network newbie Dina Eastwood, wife of iconic actor Clint, Mrs. E made sure to listen.

"She got my band Overtone together, and she said, 'I'm gonna tell you all, Grab it while you can,'" Dina recalled. "She's like, 'Every opportunity that comes your way, seize the day, go for it. Be here a hundred percent.' And I was very impressed."

But not everyone was as supportive as Dina worked on her new E! family reality series, "Mrs. Eastwood and Company," which premiered on E! May 20.

"A lot of people" advised her against doing the reality show, she told CNN, rattling off a list: "A lot of people that we love, a lot of family members, a lot of friends, a lot of people in the entertainment business."

But their fears are unwarranted, Dina said, because she knows that no one, most of all her, wants to see Clint Eastwood's rep go down the Hollywood tubes.

"That's where I come in," she told us. "I feel really bad because I feel like I'm being the gatekeeper of his reputation in shooting this show and I am. I am diligent... I don't want to ever, ever tarnish his reputation."

The series actually doesn't follow Clint, but rather his wife, his two daughters and his wife's music group Overtone. But what does he think about cameras invading his personal life?

"I think Clint thought it was great when it was the band and me," Dina said, but "once the kids got thrown into the mix I think a little resistance started," something she actually appreciated and understood.

"I applaud him for resisting the fact that two teenage girls are gonna be in a reality show, you know ... [He] ...worried that the kids could get a little bit spoiled. Go 'Hollywood' on him. He's kind of the anti--what you would imagine Hollywood to be."

So dad Clint made sure to reiterate to his daughters, "'Don't let it all get to you. Don't start buying into it, girls,'" Dina said.

"That's his concern, that somebody buying your food and painting your nails is normal. Unless you can afford it, unless you can get a job and pay for that kind of stuff, that's not normal living."

"Mrs. Eastwood and Company" airs on E! Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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