Judges reward 2 couples with perfect scores

I didn't update the blog last week because I got one right! The first double-elimination ever, and I called it!
Roshon and Melissa (finally!) got the boot. They were definitely the weakest dancers out of group.
Moving right along, the dancing on Semi-Finals night was as good as any Finals night dancing I've seen. Wow-wee. All of the stars left it on the dance floor. 
William kicked off the night with a Tango. It was executed well, but it was lacking content. It did not thrill me, but it sure thrilled the judges, to the tune of a 28.
Katherine and Mark took the stage for a Quickstep and knocked it out of the park... even the band was phenomenal. Their performance was picture perfect. As far as the judges were concerned, a 29 would suffice. 
Donald's Waltz was beautiful to behold. He and Peta looked absolutely gorgeous as they flowed across the dance floor. They scored a 27. 
Maria and Derek appeared flawless as they danced the Argentine Tango. Absolutely gorgeous, part II. A perfect 30 for Maria.
William's second dance of the night was a Samba, and boy did he tear it up. He and Cheryl had a blast out there. They rocked a 30. 
Katherine was crushing her second dance of the night, a Salsa, but had quite the mishap at the end. I'm still not quite sure what happened, but it was ugly. At the end of the show, all that was said was that she was going to get "medical attention." Here's hoping she's okay, because that girl needs to be in the finals. She scored a 27.
Donald danced a Samba for his second dance and had so much fun out there. His dancing was great, but he still didn't get a 10 from Len. I need Donald to make it to the finals so he can finally achieve that goal. Hopefully, his 29 will get him there. 
Maria had quite the unique Jive for her second performance. If I didn't know it was a jive, I don't know if I would have recognized it as such. It was another "Derek Hough Special," though. They were perfect together and scored a 29.  
This is the first time I've ever been so stumped. I just can't imagine who is going to get kicked off on the Results show.
I can't even go with the numbers, because Donald and Katherine tied. So, my prediction is that Katherine will go home. It's an impossible decision, all 4 couples should make it to the Finals. Good luck, Katherine! I hope I'm wrong!
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