Iconic Dance Weeks kicks off on Dancing With the Stars

BALTIMORE - Joey Fatone got the premature boot last week. A friend commented that he wasn't necessarily going to make it to the finals, but should have definitely gone farther than week 2. Too soon, Joe. Too soon.

Moving on, week 3 of DWTS All-stars was "Iconic Dance" week. The competitors were to choose a dance of DWTS-past and make it their own. The stars had "creative control" over the performances and there were fireworks, my friends. Lots and lots of fireworks.

Talk about starting the night on a high note. Drew and Anna tore up their Cha Cha. They had the best "De-robing" to date. Drew grabbed her skirt and 3 twirls later, it revealed the rest of her costume. I actually said, "wow" out loud during the performance. They got 8's, I was expecting 9's. 

Gilles danced a Tango to Sweet Dreams. His biggest creative contribution was a harness that lifted him above the crowd. It was a little gimmicky to me. I thought the actual dancing was phenomenal. The chemistry between he and Peta is second to none. I didn't notice any real technical issues with the dance, but the judges had a lot to say about technique. They ultimately gave him a  25.5.

I feel like I must have zoned out during Melissa and Tony's Samba, because they got a 27 for their dance. I thought it was good, but it didn't knock me off my feet. I might have to watch it again. It was fun, don't get me wrong, but Drew knocked my socks off. Melissa did not. Soft spot for Drew? Maybe. Okay, yes, but I truly believe his dance was better.

Apolo tackled the Fox Trot that Gilles did in his previous season. Apolo definitely does not have the sex appeal of Gilles, but really killed this performance. Talk about fluidity, it was like they were made of water. I've never seen such cohesiveness. He got a 25.5.

I held my breath during Kelly and Val's Paso. I literally exhaled as it ended.  I have never seen such intensity or dancing on any season of DWTS. They're killing me. She got a 27. Exceptional. She's quickly becoming my favorite competitor. 

Kirstie opted to do a re-make of Carson Kressley's "Moves Like Jagger" Cha Cha. I preferred Carson's. I get that she wants to entertain, but I'm being entertained by the other stars' actual dancing ability. Not their ability to be silly. I love the combo of Kirstie and Maks, I don't think they fit this competition. The judges gave them (a generous) 24. Almost forgot to mention, week 2 of wacky wigs for that pair. This week it was Maks who didn't look like himself. 

Cannot even believe that Sabrina did Maks and Mel B.'s Paso. It's one of my top 3 favorite DWTS dances. Of course she did it justice. She's phenomenal. According to the judges she lacked a little of the "artistic addition",  but they still gave her a 25.5. Not too shabby.

Emmitt Smith nailed his Paso. They built up all this suspense like he wasn't going to succeed at his finale (running across the floor and sliding through Cheryl's legs) and, of course, he rocked it. Len hit the nail on the head when he said, "Emmit you've got presence." 25 for Emmitt. 

Helio, Helio, Helio. He danced a Quick Step. Again, it didn't knock my socks off. He flubbed it toward the end when his foot got caught on Chelsea's dress. He never seemed to recover from that. Then, he proceeded to call Chelsea out after the dance, by saying "I told her the dress might cause some problems..." With the flub, he got a 25.5. What is the deal, judges?

This was Bristol's best dance ever. There was a lot of drama leading up to their dance tonight. I have found, in the gazillions of seasons of DWTS past, whenever there's been a flare-up between partners, their next dance has been stellar. For Bristol, this was her stellar dance. She got a 22.5 from the judges, I thought she deserved better. This was by far her best dance EVER. So good, that I believe she might just be able to hang with this crew. 

Shawn Johnson pulled off a Quick Step like I've never seen. They were all over the floor. I didn't know humans could move that quickly. Best dance I have EVER seen on DWTS. If this was the freestyle, she would have gotten 10's. Because it was the Quick Step and they broke a few rules, she got a 26.5. Just so you know, this was my initial post... WOW o WOW o WOW o WOW. She deserved it.

They are kicking 2 people off this week. Ideally, it would be Bristol and Kristie, but I don't even want to think about who it might be. Eek. 


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