Former College Park student sentenced for cyber threats


A former College Park was sentenced Thursday to three years of supervised probation for making threats of a campus shooting rampage online.
Alexander Song, 19, had pleaded guilty in August to disturbing school operations and telephone misuse. As part of his plea, Song said he made multiple postings online in March threatening a shooting rampage at the University of Maryland, where he was then a student.
As prosecutors asked for the three-year probation term, they said Song was a "very bright individual" but questioned whether he had received enough treatment to deal with life's daily stresses. When he made the threats, prosecutors said, he was feeling stressed because of the academic pressures of college.
"There needs to be some continued supervision," Assistant State's Attorney Michael Glynn said in court.
It remains unclear how serious Song's threats were, and how capable Song was of carrying them out.
Prosecutors have said police found Song had no weapons after they searched his dorm room, his car and his family's home. Steven Vinick, Song's defense attorney, said in court that his client was far from the "violent monster" some have portrayed him to be, but rather a "remarkable young man" who entered college with significant Advanced Placement credits and got along well with his professors and advisers.
Vinicke said Song not only had no ability to carry out a threat - having never before held a gun - he also had no real intent to do so. Song is currently undergoing medical treatment ordered earlier by the court.
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