Fans tweet displeasure over black actors in " Hunger Games"

In the "Hunger Games" black actors play the roles of Cinna, Rue and Thresh, but according to Jezebel, some fans of the movie are actually displeased with director Gary Ross and his casting team for using black actors to portray the roles and have been blogging about it.

In the book, Cinna's complexion isn't described but the author Suzanne Collins describes the Rue and Thresh as both having dark skin.

It seems some readers either didn't read the description and as a result felt the disappointed when they saw the characters.

Tumbir started collecting reactions last summer, but since the film's release, the writer says the amount of people who share the same views have increased tremendously.

One fan wrote " Why does Rue have to black not gonna lie kinda ruined the movie."

Another said they experienced an "awkward moment when Rue is some black girl and the little innocent blonde girl you picture."

One other said "I was pumped about the Hunger Games, until I learned a black girl was playing Rue"

"Naturally Thresh would be a black man...not impressed" wrote another.

The blog however seem to reveal that the Hunger Games has a lot of fans, some of whom are not too familiar with what's written in the books.

Tumbir author says the point of collecting these reactions is to draw attention to the "major tie-ins to these reaction and the injustices that we see around the world today".

What are your thoughts? Did you read the books, if so, did the movie live up to your expectation?