Win or lose the mirror ball, it's how Jacoby played the game

Jacoby Jones could leave the floor early tonight

Los Angeles - Karina Smirnoff said it last night, "Jacoby's been the underdog but managed to stay afloat." 

She'd already come to terms with what is expected to happen tonight at the start of the show.  The fourth couple will be eliminated and the three remaining will do a final dance where the judges will pick the champ of season 16.

Everywhere I went today, from Peet's coffee shop to the Beverly Center, fans of the show wanted to know if Jacoby still had a chance to win.  My gut says "no," based on the scoring.

But, nobody really knows how much those viewer votes are worth. 

I think Jacoby was still holding out hope for that mirror ball trophy when I interviewed him last night.  He's an athlete and athlete's play or in this case, dance to win.  His mother told me he was really disappointed about his scores last night and so was she.  However from the start she told me it's all about her only son having fun and enjoying the moment.  I know he's used to getting beat up on the football field, but I don't know how he's taken the verbal beating he's endured week after week on that dance floor. 

You know the expression, it's not whether you win or loose, it's how you play the game.  So win or loose tonight, Jacoby Jones will always be a champion to us Ravens fans!






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