Traveling with technology

You're taking much more than a pen, paper

Baltimore - Pencil, paper and a tape recorder right?  Not so fast.  I thought I was ready for my trip to L-A for Dancing with the Stars.  I've made contacts, set up stories all the things a good journalist is supposed to do for a major assignment.  After all I'm going to cover Dancing with the Stars!  However I never could have expected what happened tonight.  A a little technology got in the my travel.  I've spent the last 3 hours making sure my laptop works and that it connects back to the station.  What a nightmare!

I'm not that much of an old timer but tonight I felt like a newsroom dinosaur.  I was longing for the good old days of covering the hurricanes, and the presidential recount in Florida back in 2000.  All I needed then way my photographer, my notebook and a pen.  Tonight I had to load up my flash drive with video I've been collecting of Jacoby Jones, Dorothy Hamill and their two partners in DWTS.  Once I did that ,then I had to download it to my hard drive.  Believe it or not that was the easy part!  My biggest challenge was logging onto the computer from here and making sure it would work out there! 

I won't bore you with all the details, but I can tell you it was pretty awful.  The good news is, I'm done!  I can only hope that it all works when I touch down in L-A  Sunday afternoon.  Just to think I was worried the packing would be the most painful part.  .

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