Proud to be a Raven on DWTS finale night

The night we've all been waiting for… Finale Night. I'm so proud to be a member of Ravens Nation and to be able to cheer on Jacoby Jones in the Finals. Everybody had 3 performances, a dance style chosen by the judges, a freestyle and a Cha Cha relay. The dance floor was jam packed with phenomenal dancing.

Jacoby kicked off the night with a Jive. Jacoby is to the Jive what Zendaya is to Hip Hop. They are made for each other. It was a blast, it made me smile, but I did notice some stumbles and so did the judges. 27 for his first dance. His freestyle was awesome! I could watch it over and over. Unfortunately, Jacoby's feet got a little tangled up again, so he got another 27.

Aly's Samba was dead-on. She nailed it. I must have missed where she was lacking, because I surprised by her getting only one 10. 28 for Aly. Mark pulled out all the stops for Aly's freestyle. It was an amazing concept and was awesome to watch, but they went out of sync too many times for a perfect score. If I was doing the scoring, I'd give concept a 10, performance a 9. Apparently the judges could not see the lack of sync from where they were sitting and gave her a 30.

Kellie's Quickstep was stellar. That Derek Hough… he'll take you places. I really enjoyed it and hated every minute of it, because I'm constantly pulling for Jacoby. 30 for Pickler. Kellie's freestyle was gorgeous. I was annoyed by the choice of contemporary, but it proved to be a valuable decision. The performance was mesmerizing. I think it was championship worthy, despite the fact that I want Jacoby as my champion. Another 30 for Pickler.

Zendaya's first dance was a Samba and I was surprised to see her actually wearing heels. It didn't blow me away, but guess what? It blew the judges away. 30. I was surprised that Zendaya and Val did not go more hip-hoppy for their freestyle. It was fun and she's a great dancer, but she didn't move me. She still got a 30. Shocking.

The Cha Cha Relay was an opportunity for everyone to gain a few more points to add to their final score. Everyone rocked it. Jacoby and Karina, by far, had the best transition into and out of their portion. I thought the judges were going to complain about how hard the decision was. They didn't. Jacoby came it last. It's like they're out to get him. Zendaya came in first, Kellie second and Aly third. The judges got it backwards.

Ravens Nation can certainly get the vote out, so although Jacoby came in last, don't you dare count him out. I still say it's anybody's game. Let's go Team Baltimore!  

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