Mother daughter time before mom goes away for work to L-A to cover DWTS

Not ready to say goodbye

Baltimore - I'm just one day away from my world wind trip to Los Angeles and I'm just about packed.  I spent the day washing school uniforms and other clothes for my family for next week. 

I even planned a few meals that I will cook for dinner tomorrow so they'll have dinner while I'm away.  I tried to explain to Taylor that when Mommy goes away she doesn't just pack her bags and leave, she tries to leave things that will make the next week easier for her and dad.

 I picked my daughter up from school and she had a bag full of goodies for me.  She got me a Ravens notebook, a few nice pens, a bookmark and a special luggage tag.  She bought then at the school gift shop today.  When she asked me for some money this morning I had no ideas it was to buy me gifts LOL.   After her swimming lessons, we had a date night,a  girls night out.  We had dinner at Panera and slurpies from 7-11.  She asked lots of questions and I provided answers about my trip.  I can't come back without an autograph from Zendia.  She's the Disney star on DWTS this season.  I told her I'd just be a phone call away and we can skype and face time. She said it won't be the same without me at home and  told her its just a few days. We watched the Kevin James movie "Here Comes the Boom."  It was a great family film about a teacher who starts mixed martial fighting to save his school. 

Back to Taylor, while she was sad and close to tears,  I gave he an her an important job.  I told her to take good care of daddy.  She won't be the only one sad that I'm gone he will be too.  She responded we'll take care of each other.  Isn't that sweet!

 I spent the morning getting a pedicure a friend and relaxing.  I guess it was the calm before the storm.  It was a great day and evening. 

I still know the scene at BWI will be tough Sunday.  There will be lots of tears shed on both sides. 

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