Living the life in Los Angeles while covering Dancing with the Stars

LA and back in just four days

Baltimore/Los Angeles - I'm home tonight after a week that I'll never forget.  I traveled to Los Angeles and went  behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars.  I met Dorothy Hamill, Wyonna Judd,and Bill Bellamy. Tuesday night we stumbled upon a live taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show.  We saw Kimmel and rapper TI doing a concert during his show.  I met two of my daughters absolute favorite Disney stars Zendaya, who's also a contestant on DWTS along with Skai Jackson of the show Jesse.  I ran into the 10 year old out shopping with her parents at the Grove.  The Grove is a fancy outdoor shopping area right behind the famous Farmers Market.  It has been a world wind.  Oh I forgot to mention,  I even learned how to Salsa.  

Los Angeles is a very interesting city.  There is a lot wealth, fancy cars, nice clothing and bad plastic surgery.  However there are a lot of normal, working class people too.  We had dinner at Canters restaurant in LA.  It's been around since 1931.  Our waitress Maria was one of the nicest people we met while we there.  It wasn't a fancy restaurant.  It reminded me of the diners that you see in Baltimore like the Double T, and Bel Loch.  There was no glitz or glamor, just a good old fashioned patty melt with sweet potato fries.

It was an experience I'll never forget and honestly I won't have time to. Sunday I'm back on a Southwest plane heading back to L-A  to cheer on Team Baltimore as Dorothy and Jacoby Jones step back on the stage for week two of DWTS.


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