Jacoby relieved at the overwhelming response he got from the judges

Judges reviews even shocked Jacoby

Los Angeles - Fans of #teambaltimore weren't the only ones surprised by Jacoby and Karina's rumba Monday night, so was the Ravens wide receiver. Just last week, he told me he was worried about his posture. Not only did he get into character for the Prom Night routine, he nailed the posture too.

Karina says it was a challenge from the start because the rumba is a lot different from the other dances they've done. She said it was hard to get him to concentrate because Jacoby likes to goof around. But when he took the floor shirtless he was like a ballerina!. Jacoby wasn't expecting the response he got, but he was all about the moves Monday night and he loved it.

The judges labeled Jacoby's success to the fact that the dances he'd done prior to Monday fit his fun, jovial personality. He and Karina had done a jazz routine and the cha-cha. Monday night was different. The romance and serious nature of the rumba was a challenge. Karina wanted the judges to see that Jacoby can adapt to different characters and did they ever, even Len agreed.

Jacoby's mother Emily was going wild in the crowd. When Brooke asked him about his mom, Jacoby said he could hear her saying that's my baby, that's my baby. When asked after the show he said his mother always told him to walk with his head held high. And tonight as he was voted the Prom King and dubbed safe just 4 minutes into the show, Jacoby Jones is doing just that!

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