Jacoby quicksteps his way to 3rd from the bottom on Dancing With the Stars

BALTIMORE - It is week 6 of DWTS and it is Stevie Wonder week! Everyone has a solo dance and a team dance. Here's how it went down.

Zendaya kicked off the night with a Cha Cha. She looked great, she didn't flub anything, but it did lack wow-factor. Well, in my book it lacked wow-factor. The judges ate it up. 29 for Zendaya.

Andy Dick performed a Samba. He is just so dang cute. He can't dance worth a lick, but he's so entertaining to watch. It's like watching a child, and I mean that in a good way. Really. His dancing is very sweet and innocent, but technically, it is rough. Still 6's for Andy. 18

Sean danced a Samba and it had overwhelming potential. However, it was not polished in the least. He's right on the verge, but he's not quite there. 21 for Sean, which Peta was cool with, because she was expecting 6's! Yikes!

Aly danced a Foxtrot and, again, I was unimpressed. She didn't do anything wrong, but the performance didn't grab me. Maybe it's me, because she got a 27 from the judges.

Ingo danced a Tango and I'm starting to wonder... am I so jaded with my support for Jacoby Jones that no one else can compare? I will continue my broken record, he was fine, but my socks are still on. Will someone please knock my socks off?! 24, his highest score of the season. Really?

Pickler danced a Quickstep and it's official, it's me. If I'm not moved by Derek's choreography, something has to be wrong with me. She looked good, she was technically sound and it left me with an "eh". 29 for Pickler. A 29!!!

Victor Ortiz danced a Rhumba and it was brutal. This is above and beyond any allegiance toward Jacoby Jones. It's supposed to be non-stop fluidity but he kept starting and stopping. Carrie Ann was praising his chemistry with his partner... I didn't even see any of that! A well-deserved 18 for Victor.

Jacoby came out and had a lot of fun doing his Quickstep. There was a lot of pressure on him and his pigeon toes and I think they had good strategy. They went and danced in the aisle so no one could see his feet! Ha! And, he totally brought the "wow" when he jumped over Karina. CRAZY! I have to agree with the judges, it was not his best dance, but I still loved watching it. 23

The night finished up with 2 team dances: Team Paso with Zendaya, Victor, Ingo and Jacoby and Team Samba with Aly, Kellie, Sean and Andy. Team Paso was up first. It was a little rough. The individual portions were okay, but the group portions didn't really come together. They scored a 22. Team Samba really became a team, had fun and entertained. They pulled a 25 out of the judges. These scores got added to their individual scores.

Despite the fact that my dear Jacoby Jones ended up 3rd from the BOTTOM thanks to Team Paso, I truly believe it's Victor's time to go. How many times can you be in the bottom 2 without going home? Just ask D.L. He knows.

Katie Gallagher is a director at WMAR. She came to us straight out of Towson University after graduating in 1998. She is a mother of three kids ages six and under and doesn't have time to watch much TV, but when she does, it's "Dancing with the Stars."


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