Is Vanderpump in the clear on Dancing With the Stars?

BALTIMORE - Last week, the fabulous Dorothy Hamill dropped a bombshell on us all and withdrew from the competition. She has a serious back injury that needs to be addressed. If she kept dancing, she could do irreparable damage. She was incredibly graceful and classy in her announcement. Therefore, the bottom 2 were spared, Vanderpump and Victor Ortiz. Those 2 definitely stepped it up for Prom Week. Let's go dancing.

Aly Raisman's Viennese Waltz was a lovely way to start the night. She and Mark really captured the Prom night theme. Nice work. 23.

Andy Dick and the Cha Cha did not mix. I think he was using "Vanderpump Rules" by having his pro (who was beyond hot in a catsuit) dance circles around him. Having said that, I could watch the mess he brings all the way to the finals. Well, semi-finals. Jacoby needs to be the leading male in the finals. 18.

Props to Ingo for rolling into the ballroom on a motorcycle rocking a mirror-ball helmet. I thought his Paso Doble was pretty good, but I wasn't overwhelmed. I have no doubt that GH Nation will pull him through to next week. 21 for Ingo.

Vanderpump danced a Viennese Waltz and it was exactly what she needed. It was cute and prom-like, but did start to come undone toward the end. It was, by far, her best dance of this season... which has been all of 3 weeks. 21.

Love me some Pickler .  Have I said that already? Kellie danced the Jive and it was so great, so much fun. Loved it. 25, with a 9 from Len! A 9!

Victor Ortiz danced a Contemporary. It was really beautiful, but it was lift after lift and looked like there was little content beyond that. And here I go again, agreeing with Len. Eek. 23.

D.L. What he lacks in dancing skill, he makes up for in personality. Carrie Ann said she saw baby steps and that's about right. Baby. Steps. His salsa was okay. I wish he'd just let loose already. You got it in you, D.L.! Do it to it, Boogie Fantastic! He scored a 16.

OMG Jacoby Jones danced a Rhumba and Oh. My. Word. It was hot! Loved it! He was superb! Jacoby! I didn't know you had it in you, but I'm so psyched that you do! Rock it! 24! Awesome!

Wynonna's Samba was less than stellar. It's almost as if she doesn't even want to be out there. It doesn't look like she's having any fun. Wynonna , how do you not have a wild child in you? I don't get it. 15. And that, I do get.

I could hardly see Sean's Cha Cha around Peta's dancing. That chick is good. Sean was alright. He didn't wow me (again), but he's moving up with the judges. 21

Zendaya's Prom performance was lacking, just a touch, for me. It's nice to know she's not perfection. She danced a Viennese Waltz and it was very pleasant, just not perfect. Phew. 24 for Zendaya .  Hey Z, my boy tied with you. Watch your back. ;)

Last week I was saying that Vanderpump had to go, but this week, it is Wynonna! I'm not even seeing any improvement. I'm holding out for D.L., he's going to have a breakout week. Wynonna, the tribe has spoken. See you on tour.

Katie Gallagher is a director at WMAR. She came to us straight out of Towson University after graduating in 1998. She is a mother of three kids ages six and under and doesn't have time to watch much TV, but when she does, it's "Dancing with the Stars."


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