DWTS gets personal on "Best Year of Their Life" episode

BALTIMORE - This week on DWTS, the contestants were asked to get inspiration from the "best year of their life". Everybody stepped up their game. Everybody. You might ask, "Katie, even D.L. stepped up his game?" Yes, my friends. Even D.L. Check it out...

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Sean is very sweet, but he's not the best dancer. You can tell he's thinking about everything, there's no fluidity. You can see him counting in his head. Having said that, true Bachelor style, it was the most romantic end to a dance in DWTS history. He waltzed his way over to his Katherine, and finished his dance with a kiss.  Awwwww. 20 for Sean. Next...

Victor danced a Paso Doble, which I thought was going to really suit him. It did not. It came across as though he wasn't really comfortable. Just like Sean, I felt like I could actually see him counting in his head. 18 for Victor.

Let me tell you something... Jacoby Jones is the real deal. He danced a Foxtrot for his son and was as charming as the day is long. I can't get enough. And not that I needed affirmation from Carrie Ann, but it's always nice to hear a judge say, "You could win this." You can win it Jacoby! Do it to it, brother! 24 for Jacoby!

I'm so biased for Jacoby, that I can't even sing the praises of Aly Raisman. I was not moved by her performance. Perhaps I'm cold. I don't know. It was good, but I wasn't feeling it. And yet, the judges gave her the highest score of the season. 27. I guess that's what you get when you throw half of a floor routine into your dance. Jus' sayin.

Andy Dick pulled off the dance of the season. It was a Viennese Waltz for his daughter and it was possibly the most touching performance I've seen on DWTS, very raw, very real. Carrie Ann cries at the drop of a hat, but after Andy, she couldn't even SPEAK through her tears. Beautiful dance Mr. Andy Dick. Your daughter can only be proud. 21 for Andy. I think he's spared the bottom 2 this week.

Zendaya is back. Holy smokes. That girl owned the dance floor with her Samba. It was gorgeous. She and Val were so in sync, it was unbelievable. 26 for Zendaya the great.

Ingo's Viennese Waltz was very sweet and nicely executed. He maintained the level to which the bar had been set.. 24 (don't quote me, I was distracted by Twitter...)

Ummmm, pretty sure I called it. Pret-ty sure I called D.L. having a breakout week.  His Foxtrot was fun! It was entertaining! It was not painful to watch! 21 for D.L.! What???!!! 21 FOR D.L.!!!

Pickler's Rhumba was stellar. Out of all the dancers, she was the most connected. It was so real and flat-out gorgeous. And, ya' can't beat your husband playing the song he wrote for you, while you do a dance for him. Picker. Love her. 26

Lisa Vanderpump passed out during her rehearsal last Friday. Her doctor recommended that she rest, or worse could happen. So, she rested. Right up until it was her time to perform. She didn't even go to the dress rehearsal! So, needless to say, her performance was somewhat lackluster. Lisa tied with Victor for the lowest score of the night, 18.

If Vanderpump is not in the bottom 2, I sense another Hamill-esque departure. I don't see how she, in good conscience, can keep going when her health is so clearly on the line. And, if she doesn't bow out or get the boot, it's Victor's time to go. The top-5 aren't going anywhere. Rest up, Vanderpump.


Katie Gallagher is a director at WMAR. She came to us straight out of Towson University after graduating in 1998. She is a mother of three kids ages six and under and doesn't have time to watch much TV, but when she does, it's "Dancing with the Stars."  



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