Elizabeth Banks on her impractical 'Hunger Games' costume

By Stephanie Goldberg CNN - Elizabeth Banks said it took about three hours -- start to finish -- to transform into her "Hunger Games" character Effie Trinket. Unfortunately, she said, it took even longer to use the restroom.

It's because of Effie's "huge, bejeweled nails," Banks said Wednesday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," noting, they make unbuttoning and unzipping a mere impossibility.

Luckily, Banks, who describes her eccentric character as a "government official/escort/PR maven," said she had a team of people who accompanied her to the restroom. Her "ladies in waiting," as she called them, would help her out of Effie's skirts and undergarments, and even hand her toilet paper.

"I had, like, ladies in waiting that would [come to the bathroom with me]. ... I would stop drinking water I felt so bad," she said, adding, "They're really cool [nails], but completely impractical."

Ellen, unable to bare the thought of Banks having nail troubles for another three films (The sequel, "Catching Fire," is currently in development), offered a solution: She gave the actress a pair of nude-colored gloves adorned with long blue nails.

We're not sure if Banks' nail-gloves will make it into the movie, what with tiny pictures of Ellen's face plastered on them, but they would certainly make her bathroom breaks more efficient.

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