Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 recap

I love Tom Bergeron. I absolutely adore him. I think, if I  ever were to meet him, I would treat him like he treated Cher while she was guest judge on DWTS. He was falling all over her. It was adorable. Cher performed twice and I'm absolutely astounded that she's 67 years old. That's a whole lotta awesome, people. A whole lotta awesome.

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I'm a big fan of the Argentine Tango and I'm also a big fan of Corbin. However, I was left with a feeling of "meh" after he danced. It was good, it was just a little "off". The judges seemed to be big fans, though. 27 for Corbin.

Leah Remini danced a very sweet Viennese Waltz to "I've Got You, Babe". It captured Cher's heart and mine alike. She's really on an upswing despite her so-so score of 25.

Brant danced a Foxtrot and although it was a little slow to start, it grew on me. Brant seems to be a solid 27 kinda guy.  

Elizabeth's Jazz was all about girl power and she totally dominated Val at the end and that was awesome. She's really great, but there's something not convincing or compelling about her dancing. I still can't put my finger on it. 25 for Elizabeth.

Hmmmm... so Bill danced a Disco and it was eerily reminiscent of his dance from last week. It was fun, he totally enjoyed himself but it was almost identical to everything I saw him do last week! 24 for Bill and clearly its time for him to go. Recycling moves? Ain't nobody got time for that.

Spoiler alert! I still love Jack Osbourne and his Tango was fab. He's so charming. I just can't get enough. 27 for Jack!

Amber Riley is adorable. Not sure if I mentioned that in the last few minutes or every single blog I've written this season. She owned her Rumba. It was spectacular and flipping Carrie Ann is telling her she has more to give. Pshaw! You and your 28 are plenty, Amber!

And now we've come to the first dance-off of the season. Because she was the highest scorer, Amber was exempt and safe for next week. The next highest scoring couple was then tasked with picking another couple to dance "against". The couple that was chosen got to choose the style of dance. The team that won the dance-off got an extra 3 points. Confused? I know. 

Corbin came in second for the night and chose Elizabeth to dance against. Elizabeth chose the dance style of Cha Cha. They were both really good and putting my bias toward Elizabeth aside, Corbin should have won. And he did. Unanimously.

Brant picked Leah, who chose to battle Rumba-style. Leah's Rumba appeared to be a little shaky to me, so I would have voted for Brant, but Leah won 2-1. 

Jack danced-off against Bill. Their style was Disco. You'll be shocked to hear that Bill recycled some more moves for his dance-off. The one that I was expecting, that I didn't see, was the 2-finger-gun-shooting move. Regardless, my boy Jack won, unanimously. Work it. 

Again, I will say it was Bill's night to go and again, he did not get the boot! Bye-bye, Brant. You were quite a competitor. Time to take your pretty little face back to the set of "Pretty Little Liars". 

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