Dancing With The Stars: Week 3 recap (2014)

Bye, bye Billy Dee.

It was "Most Memorable Year" night on DWTS, which is always a tear-jerker.

This season's cast did not disappoint. This might have been the most emotional I've ever been watching the show. However, first things first, doctor's orders. Billy Dee is down for the count. His back just couldn't take it anymore. Because of Billy Dee leaving, no one got the boot Monday.

I always hate the "Most Memorable Year" elimination anyway. People pour their hearts out and then get kicked off the show. Not this time, America! Also, Robin Roberts was guest judge and she was lovely, as always.

James Maslow's most memorable year was when he overcame bullying in high school. His Jive was a celebration. It left me breathless. It was rocking! And Peta is dancing her badonk’ off. I've never seen her work so hard. I think she digs this James character. A totally deserved 36 for James.

NeNe did a Rumba to signify her re-marrying her husband. It got a little down and dirty toward the end, but didn't knock my socks off. I think NeNe is an average dancer and excels at the fun dances over the serious ones. She scored a 31 with a 7 from Len.

The year 2010 was Cody's most memorable. It's when his entire family picked up and left Australia to move to the U.S. so he could pursue his dream of singing. That's crazy! I had a hard time wrapping my head around Cody's Jazz, until Robin Roberts said, "I love how you make each dance style your own." She's totally right. He owned his Jazz. It had a lot of content and was most certainly entertaining. 35 for Cody. 

Danica McKellar performed a Contemporary dance, which was mesmerizing. Her most memorable year was when her son was born and she dedicated her performance to him. It was breathtaking. She is a phenomenal performer. 36 for Danica. And I'm pretty sure Kevin Arnold's mom and sister were in the crowd. Too cute!

Drew Carey’s most memorable year was when his son was born. He danced a Waltz that I was totally unmoved by, and then he hugged his kid at the end and I began to tear up. I had a difficult time connecting the dance to the birth of his kid so I was not surprised that he only mustered a 30, the lowest scorer of the night.

Meryl Davis’s most memorable year was all the years leading up to her Olympic win this past February. Her Foxtrot was gorgeous. There is really no other word to describe it. She got a 10 from everyone but Len. Grump. 39 for Meryl.

I have never had such an emotional response to a dance as I did Amy Purdy’s Contemporary. It was the most poignant performance I think I've seen on any season. Amy's most memorable year was when she lost her legs and also received a kidney from her father. Derek Hough took Amy's story and perfectly translated it to dance. What a night. She got four 9's and I don't know how she didn't get all 10's. 36 for Amy.

Charlie White’s most memorable year was winning the silver medal with Meryl and knowing the instant they stepped off the podium that they were going for the Gold. He started the Jive from backstage and worked it all the way to the dance floor. His song was "Happy" by Pharrell Williams and his Jive could not have been more "happy". Awesome dance. And a shout-out to Mr. White for including a crew person in his back stage shenanigans. 36 for Charlie.

It looked like Candace Cameron-Bure really let loose during her Full House-inspired Jive. It wasn't quite as polished as, let's say, Winnie Cooper's Contemporary, but it was tons of fun. 32 for Candace.

No elimination this week, but next week, they throw everyone for a loop and change up the partners. Just for a week. This is one of those "off the rails" things I was talking about last week. Ridiculous. Let's hope I don't hate it. 


Katie Gallagher is a Director who came to WMAR straight out of Towson University. She's a wife and mom of 3. She doesn't have much time to watch TV, but when she does, it's "Dancing with the Stars".