Dancing With the Stars goes Gangnam style

What happened on Dancing With the Stars?

Melissa kicked off Night 2 of Gulitly Pleasures with a Tango to "Toxic". It was great. It came across as a very technical dance, and she nailed it. Little Miss All-American has a little bit-o-Brit in her! Judges agreed, 27 for Melissa.

Shawn Johnson danced her Rhumba to "My Heart Will Go On" and I'm pretty sure I got a little weepy. There was possibly a tear in my eye and I'm the one who rails on Carrie Ann every season for crying at the drop of a hat. And she DIDN'T cry. Regardless, Shawn's Rhumba was fantastic. She was fearing the emotion of the dance, but she sure delivered. 27

Apolo danced a Samba to "Give it to Me Baby" by Rick James. Awesome tune, fun dance. Carrie Ann mentioned that something seemed off, like their chemistry is lacking, and I kind of saw what she was saying. Their performance didn't pack as much punch as usual, but the choreography was great. 27.

Miss Sabrina Waltzed to "So this is Love" from Cinderella. It was gorgeous, elegance personified, and it gave me chills. 29 for the princess. 

First impression of Team Gangnam Style: Badass, dressed in their suits and shades. After watching Team Gangnam perform, I decided that it was THE most ridiculous thing I have EVER seen. I was crying with laughter. They started out in suits, and ended up in the wackiest costumes I've ever seen ranging from gym shorts to towels. It was really hilarious. I think they knew technically, they couldn't top Team Call Me Maybe, so they went all-out-nonsense. Well done, Team Gangnam, a 27 for you.

I choose not to stress over who might be the next to get the boot since there is no elimination this week. Catch ya' next week.




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