Dancing With the Stars celebrates Halloween

BALTIMORE - David Arquette

David kicked off the night with a Cha Cha. There were a lot of tricks and flash and it appeared as though he had some control. He always seems to be a little loosey goosey. I was surprised by his score of a 24 because the judges were talking about what an improvement they saw in him this week. I'm not sure if we're going to see him next week or not.

J.R. Martinez

I had a hard time focusing on J.R.'s tango because Karina's, um, dress? Was so, um, barely there? It was a fun routine and a difficult one to pull off. Who would ever think you could do a tango to "Ghostbusters"? They did, but there was definitely something lacking. It didn't seem to have that J.R. flair. He got a 25, but I'm not worried about him getting voted off.

Nancy Grace

I was not down with Nancy's jive. She didn't seem 100% on the choreography. She sold what she could, but it wasn't enough to muster more than a 21 out of the judges. I'm thinking her time on DWTS is coming to an end.

Rob Kardashian

Rob kicked butt with his Tango to "The Adams Family" theme. The choreography was awesome and it fit perfectly with the music. His technique and performance were dead on. The judges gave him a 25. Again, with the judges comments on how much he improved and how it was his best dance, I was surprised he didn't do better.

Ricki Lake

I found myself holding my breath while Ricki was dancing, because of her rib injury, but I don't think it was necessary. She knocked her Paso Doble out of the park. It was another fantastic performance from Ricki and Derek. She took control of the leader board again with a 27.

Hope Solo

Hope danced a samba and again, the judges commented on her improvement and how well she did, but only gave her a 24. I wasn't that impressed with her dance. It seemed to me like she was just going through the motions. I just don't think she's finals material.

Team Tango

J.R., David and Nancy comprised the stars for Team Tango. The judges said that the individual portions were not so good, but that the group portions were very good. I thought the entire performance was pretty good and deserved more than a 23.

Ricki, Hope and Rob made up Team Paso. Their entire performance was fantastic. The group and individual portions lived up to the judges expectations and blew the audience out of the water. The judges gave them a 26.

I think Nancy's time is coming to an end. If it's not her, then it's Hope. We will once again see what the results show brings.


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