Dancing With the Stars All-Stars Monday night recap


What a night on DWTS: All-Stars! The stars performed a "normal" dance and then a "trio" dance. 9's and 10's were being thrown out left and right. It was quite a night of competition.

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough seem to equal perfection. Always. Their Viennese Waltz was gorgeous, fluid and moving. They were rewarded with a 29.5. Shawn and Derek + Mark followed-up with a Trio-Samba. In a word, un-expletive-believable. Derek keeps topping himself and topping himself choreography-wise. I don't think I've ever seen a dance like that before, it was awesome. It was also not Samba-y enough for Len, so they only got a 26. 

Apolo started off his night with a Tango and kicked it's butt... in a big way. It was truly like they were moving as one. Perfection. And perfection from the judges... almost. 29.5. His Trio-Jive was pretty good, but I had images of Shawn's Samba still dancing in my head, so I was pretty biased. He did fine by the judges, though, 29.

Kirstie's Viennese Waltz was very pretty, but didn't wow me. Maybe because her dancing was up to par with the others, but the level of difficulty was not. She scored a 27. She followed that up with a Trio-Paso Doble and just barely pulled it off. I believe it was described as "sloppy" and "unrefined" by the judges and I had to agree. 24.

I think we all know that Kelly Monaco is my favorite and of course she was fantastic. She and Val danced a gorgeous Viennese Waltz. I feel like the judges are not 100% with her. She got a 28. Then she danced a Trio-Jive that was borderline-unbelievable. The transitions were seamless. The judges gave her a touch more love with a 28.5.

According to Len, Gilles' Quickstep was "thunder and lightning". I can agree with that. It was action-packed and non-stop and got a 29.5. His Trio-Salsa probably would have done as well, or even better, if he had been able to keep up. He lost it in the feet a little, but it was a great effort, 29. 

Emmitt's Viennese Waltz was very nice, and that's about all I have. Again, I wasn't wowed. It was lovely, but that was about it. The judges gave him a 28. Emmitt's trio dance was a Salsa. He is just so dang cute. He seems so at home shaking that booty! Perfect score for Emmitt! 30!

Melissa Rycroft is American Pie. She was all dolled up in her Navy get-up and danced her little Quickstep and America's Sweetheart scored a 30. She matched that 30 with her Trio-Paso. She sure did bring the fire. Her performance was fantastic. 

It's a double elimination this week. I'm still pulling for Kelly, I hope she makes it to the finals. I think Shawn's fans will vote in force knowing that she got such a low score from Len (7!). I think maybe Apolo's time is up (he's been in the bottom 2 before) and Kirstie, because her scores are the lowest. Looking forward to the results!



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