Christian Bale's going to miss that Batman suit

By Tomika Anderson, Special to CNN - Although Christian Bale is happy with the way his character Bruce Wayne's story ends in this summer's "Dark Knight Rises," he is going to miss slipping into that Batman costume.

"You know, for all the kind of discomfort, and all the heat and the sweat and the headaches and everything from it, when you sit back and watch the movie at the end of the day you end up going, 'that's f*****g cool!'" Bale told of his alter-ego's iconic outfit. "So I will. I will miss it."

As far as the extent of his interaction with Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Bale played coy, saying that fans will just have to wait and see in the movie when it arrives in theaters July 20.

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