Chris Brown: Putting in the community service hours

LOS ANGELES - Looks like Chris Brown has been doing the time he was supposed to be doing -- instead of doing time for beating Rihanna.

As part of his suspended sentence, Brown was required by a court in Los Angeles to do more than 1,440 hours of community service.

The Associated Press took a look a the records submitted in the case -- and it indicates that so far, Brown has done more than 1,400 hours of service.

About a-third of that time was done at a rural Virginia daycare center where the singer spent time as a kid -- and where his mom was once director.

The study of the work records indicate Brown stepped up his activity recently.

In the past seven months, he has gotten credit for 701 hours.

It had taken him 28 months to reach the 700-hour mark.

Brown's service records are being scrutinized by a prosecutor and a judge.

At a hearing a week ago, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg said the records of Brown's community service in Virginia are "somewhat cryptic."