Eva Longoria has a new man in her life

Eva Longoria was in a joyful mood when she stopped by "Extra" on Thursday, and she let it slip that she's seeing someone new.

It took a little work on host Mario Lopez's part, as he first approached her with a New York Post headline that proclaimed the actress, 37, had been celebrating with 25-year-old NFL player Mark Sanchez. (The former "Desperate Housewives" star finalized her divorce from basketball player Tony Parker last year.)

"I don't know what we're celebrating," she said, laughing.

Lopez teased, "See, I said here's the deal with Eva: She's so nice and gets along with everyone and she's friendly, but of course people speculate that there's more to it. So you know, why don't you just tell everyone that, you know, you're just friends or whatever."

Longoria, still laughing, first replied: "You're an a***ole." And then, once regaining composure: "No, Mark and I are, you know, fine. We're happy. Just dating."

But Sanchez isn't the only reason that Longoria cheers for his team, the New York Jets - "I'm a big fan of the Jets because they have the best center in the NFL, Nick Mangold."

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